our principles

thrive | mediarts offers socially conscious design, advertising and social media marketing solutions for progressive firms worldwide. Our work is affordable, ethically responsible, and leaves a small environmental footprint. We design exclusively for non-profits, eco-friendly businesses, environmental and social advocacy groups, community and arts-related organizations, music, restaurant and foodservice industries.

thrive | arts specializes in design, advertising and marketing for the arts community. We work with artists, musicians, dance and dramatic arts companies. In the non-profit world, these individuals and organizations many times face hard times with lack of funding, dwindling arts grants, and reliance on volunteerism for design, advertising and marketing. We’re here to change all that. The arts enrich our lives and communities, and we believe that they’re an integral part of our society — not to be overlooked, nor under-appreciated.

Take a look at some samples of our work. Call us at +1 619 8139423, or email us.